Words in Play is a place dedicated to creativity and collaboration, a place where writers write.
Founded by Deb McKew—writer, teacher, editor, publisher.


About Deb and Words in Play

I love playing with words. Words are sometimes magical, occasionally obtuse, often fun, but always interesting. They want to sing and dance, climb rocks, swim in the ocean, fly like birds. Words can make you laugh or cry; they can spur you to action or encourage you to stop and think. Words can help you sort out your problems or teach you how to build something useful. 

Words are the tools with which you can tell a story that needs telling. 

As a writer and a writing instructor, I know that imagination and creativity need to be fed by inspiration. I provide opportunities for inspiration to occur. I teach students of all ages and skill levels how to be better writers and how to have fun with the writing process.





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