You write to
communicate to the
hearts and minds of
others what’s burning
inside you. And
we edit to let the fire
show through the smoke.
—Arthur Plotnik

One-on-One Consultation Menu

Content Development (or Book Coaching)

Work to launch or develop a new manuscript—if you are in the early stages of development and get stuck, we can offer techniques to get you to the next stage. We work with writers of fiction and nonfiction. Good writing evolves; first, put your thoughts on paper, then, step back to gain perspective, solicit feedback, revise, and rewrite. 

Content Editing on Completed Manuscripts

  • General Feedback—if you have a first draft completed, we can give you an honest assessment of flow, as well as what is working and what is not working. 
  • Developmental Editing—for nonfiction, this involves checking the content for factual errors, contradictions, and inconsistencies. For fiction, content editing checks for discrepancies in the plot, characterizations, or dialogue, and whether the theme has been developed properly, or whether the subplots have been well integrated into the story line. In other words, content editing evaluates the content in detail.
  • Line Editing—addresses creative content, writing style, and language use, and focuses on the way you use language to communicate your story to the reader. For example, do you paint pictures for the reader with your language? Is your word choice precise, or is the content peppered with stale language and clichés? 
  • Copyediting—involves checking a manuscript for spelling, capitalization, punctuation, verb tenses, and other grammatical errors. It also involves checking for continuity, sentence structure, paragraph lengths, word choices, missed words, and the like. 


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