The Spark of an Idea

On a Sunday morning of a weekend writing retreat on Lake Sunapee, we woke to a chill in the air. Our host lit a fire for us in the hearth of the great room; we sat around the stone fireplace toasting our feet while we wrote in response to my morning prompt. It always amazes me when the subconscious sends ideas and answers to us during these writing sessions. Many of the participants wrote metaphorically about where they are in the present moment of their creative beings. Here is what I wrote:

Dear good naked morning, my name is Spark. You know, like the spark of an idea, the spark of a fledgling flame, the spark of a fresh new love. Spark is the promise of something strong and beautiful yet to be. Spark has a crisp, clean sound to it, a white palette ready to burst into explosions of color – reds and golds, yellows and blues, greens and oranges – glittering diamonds of color.

Spark is filled with expectation and anticipation, an excited energy that electrifies the air. There is a moment of breath holding in which the possibility of extinction exists. But, it is short-lived because this spark has too much to say, and experience, and share, to just die out and be forgotten.

Spark is the beginning, the birth of a new dawn of ideas and challenges and accomplishments.

Spark is the beginning of sparkle – meant to light up the room with joy, and color, and crackle.

Dear good, naked morning, you are the dawn of a new day, a new beginning, a promise to uphold. Dear good, naked morning, my name is spark and I am so happy to meet you.