Have you ever wondered? Of course you have. However, you may not
have realized what a powerful tool wonderment can be. It is the
beginning of all creative activity. When you allow yourself to wonder,
you experience life in new ways. Words help capture those

On a writing retreat I attended, I wrote the following poem in response
to a writing prompt. When I first wrote it, it just seemed like a stream
of consciousness, but I liked playing with the ideas. Three years later,
I rediscovered this piece, and I reread it with fresh eyes. Suddenly, I
realized what I had been doing–I had been wondering.

Dancing with Words
Midnight dances to her own song, velvet skirt swirling softly.
Stars pinprick the sky, diamonds on a ribbon of light.
What is it like to touch their points?

In a carnival of sound, owls hoot, crickets chirp,
water spills over pebbles in a stream.
The blue-black night backdrops much mysterious movement:

silent spider spins her web; thunder shakes the mountain;
flickering fireflies circle the merry-go- round.
What is it like to fly on gossamer wings?

So, go ahead, play with words: experiment, take chances, explore
your world, enter new worlds, open your perceptions, and engage your
senses—after all, words are wonderful.